Export all your Photoshop layer groups as images, simply

Layer Cake Screenshot

To turn PSD elements into images for the Web and for Apps, simply name your layer groups once and let Layer Cake do its magic. Bye bye, “Save for Web/Devices”. Hello, boost in productivity and creativity!

Designers and Developers, rejoice — exporting is no longer a workflow killer. Name layer groups like the files you want to create, and Layer Cake will extract them individually. Enjoy complete freedom to move, obscure and even hide these named layer groups without affecting the extracted images.

This fixes one of the biggest problems with the Photoshop workflow, exporting all those images. Even with slicing, updating an iOS app design can take quite awhile to update and then export. For web design, this messy export is one of the reasons I prefer to work in pure CSS. Just do yourself a favor, save a ton of time, and download it right now.

Also it’s from MacRabbit, the awesome team that makes Espresso. Download Layer Cake from the Mac App Store.